Eden Hazard with Belgium on World Cup 2014 against Algeria.

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17th of June. All Belgians hope it will be a day to remember for Belgium. And ALL Hazard fans are looking forward to see if Eden can already excel at his current age on the World cup.

Eden is not yet known my every football fan. Many Brazilians never heard of him, but we are sure they will.

Nobody denies Eden Hazard is a great talent, but on a World Cup you need more than that. Until yesterday, the best player in the World, Lionel Messi, ONLY SCORED 1 GOAL in his 8 previous World Cup games!

Many players only excel at their second or third World Cup. Robben is already 30, and only in the last years has  found a way to switch his button to ON in order to play extraordinary, NO MATTER if he is in shape or not!  He has been present almost every game this season, and will continue at this level during the next games.

Hazard cannot switch ON this “OVERDRIVE” button yet. When he is not in shape, he cannot yet play World-Class-Level whenever he wants to. Even Messi couldn’t in his last 2 World Cups!
We are sure one day Eden will be able to switch himself into overdrive for any game he wants, but it seems to early for that. We were recently worried about Eden’s shape, since he looked tired after a heavy season at Chelsea. Mentally ánd physically.
Also coach Marc Wilmots has not saved him and let him play during the friendly games, which was unnecessary! Eden plays his best games when he has a fresh head and is not tired.

Nevertheless, we hope for a great performance and are watching closely the combinations between him, De Bruyne and – in the second half – Januzaj, the new upcoming Belgian star.

To motivate Eden a little more: “Hey Eden, José’s bus is NOT parked here!” The whole team will attack, not only defend! Isn’t that wonderful?

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