Eden Hazard kicks ballboy in Swansea game- The Full Story, Video and sharp Analysis

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Eden got headlines again in Great Britain, but this time, not for his talent.
Continue to read as we make a picture of what really happened, and see who is to blame!

=== UPDATE ===
Latest Video from a different camera angle shows Eden Hazard only hit the ball, not the ballboy, and took the ball. Read the story, and see the video!

What happened:

Chelsea was playing Swansea in the semi finals of the Capital One League cup, and with 12 minutes to go they had correct an unexpected 0-2 loss in the previous game. Lot’s of pressure for the Chelsea players and Benitez, because Chelsea MUST win a trophy this year!

The ballboy already had bad intentions before the game: “The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting.” 

When suddenly the ball gets to this ballboy. He retrieves the ball behind the Swansea goal. In an attempt to keep the ball longer in possession, he gets on top off the ball with no immediate intention to give the ball right away – which a ballboy should. Eden Hazard, who is already disappointed with the current standing – Chelsea out of the cup – gets frustrated about the boy trying to stretch time with his body for his home team: Swansea.  The Chelsea player tries to speed up things and kicks the ballboy to tell him to speed up.  Result: red card, Eden sent off, and against 10 Chelsea players, Swansea holds the 0-0, making it into the final of the League Cup!

Let’s analyse this!


The ballboy Charlie Morgan is obviously trying to stretch time for his team, instead of passing the ball to players as he should. On the video you can clearly see that he stays on top of the ball much longer than he should. That doesn’t mean he is commiting a crime, he just trying to help his team in a wrong way with the little power he has: stretch time whenever he gets the ball.


Charlie Morgan, 17 years old, twittered up front he would “waste time” for Swansea

The ballboy, who is by the way 17 years old – we are not talking about a poor 13-year-old kid innocent - is not just a nobody: his father is Swansea director, and before the match the boy tweeted on twitter that he would deliberately waste time during the match, writing: “The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting.”

So we are talking about a kid who had bad intentions up front! 


With Chelsea needing to score at least 2 times in 12 minutes, the Chelsea players were very nervous, and his act would have pissed off any other Chelsea player. The ballboy got lucky, because Eden Hazard is a true winner, and wants Chelsea to score as soon as possible. In the heat of the moment, Eden “appears” to kicks the ballboy in a  way that is against Fair Play, and in England Fair Play is sacred and acts against it simply are not tolerated: That is the (great btw.) culture in England.

Latest Video shows Eden Hazard clearly ONLY hits the ball, not the ballboy, and regained the ball for his team Chelsea faster. The ballboy was not intentionally hit.


 Eden Hazard has played more than 100 consecutive matches in 3 years without getting injured or suspended. No red card, and no 3 yellow cards either.

- Was Eden Hazard's red card deserved: From the point of view where the referee was: 100% YES.
- Did the ballboy intentionally try to stretch time for Swansea and frustrate a player: 100% YES.

So Eden reacted in what looks like a non-fair play move, started by the ballboy, and continued as a reaction,

Here is the interview about his apology:

So who should be punished:

Simple: The ballboy trying to help his home team by stretching time (which is not his duty), causing a player of the opposite team to be sent off.
And Eden Hazard? The latest video shows he did not have the intention, and did not hurt the ballboy. Therefore, we believe the red card and being sent off, is enough as a punishment.

Did a crime happen? Of course not! Noone got injured, the ballboy's team Swansea is trought to the final, the boy got world famous with over 80.000 followers extra on twitter - more than the Swansea twitter account, and Eden will get suspended for a game or 3.

Now: In Eden's defense: did you know that Eden Hazard has played more than 100 consecutive matches in 3 years without getting injured or suspended. No red card, and no 3 yellow cards either. Can we state Eden Hazard is a Fair Player: Hell, yes! Do you anyone else with this record?

Can we state Eden Hazard generally is a Fair Player: Hell, Yes!



After the game the ballboy went to the locker room, and both he and Eden apologized for the incident.


On twitter there were some interesting reactions, of people who understood Eden, and those who opposed:

  • Chelsea FC @chelseafc (official twitter Chelsea)

Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ballboy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it. #CFC
Tweet later deleted and replaced:
Apologies for earlier ballboy tweet. Hazard has now met with the ballboy and has said sorry. #CFC

  • Steven Pienaar @therealstevenpi: I'm not saying its the correct thing 2 do but when in the heat of the moment u just want the ball
  • Stan Collymore @StanCollymore: Hazard deserved red (violent conduct rule). Kid is a prat. Ballboy job is to give ball quickly. End of. Is that enough of an opinion?
  • Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5: 17 year old ball boy… is that a wind up!!? Is being a ball boy now a career move??



Since this is is not an important event in world history, or even football football, here some JOKES, to digest the nice story with a beer at the bar:


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