Chelsea’s “King” Kevin Debruyne to take the nr. 10 spot in Belgium’s national team

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We as a football fan, must admit we find it Amazing how youngster Kevin De Bruyne has evolved, and is improving with every game.

Many fans were wondering why in God’s name Chelsea bought young goalkeeper Courtois and this unknown guy from Genk. How old is he ? 21? But Courtois is growing towards European top, and also Kevin has shown he flawlessly can adapt to higher levels – so far.

Kevin is young, has technique, lots of vista, left and right footed, thinks one step ahead, steady in duels, is fast, has a very hard precise shot, and even works hard in defense.

In his last games, it was astounding how much vista he has. Once he gets the balls, something happens. The attackers jump into position, the defense seems to show some gaps, and Kevin is looking for to split the defense at once. But he also has technique, left and right footed, steady in duels, is fast, hard a very hard precise shot, and should do more free kicks. He even works hard: If he looses the ball to someone, there is a good chance he will go after the guy and recover it, even if he has to run all the way to defense. Can I please have 11 of these guys in MY team? Moreover, Kevin seems to think one step ahead of all the others, including the defenders of the other team.

Enjoy the video:

Another competitor for the nr. 10 spot is Fellaini. He played an average match, and it seemed he slowed down the Belgian passing game. His duels were strong, but Fellaini wouldn’t be Fellaini if he didn’t make some dirty fouls. He could have gotten a red card, which clearly shows he is sometimes still too immature for the top.

So Kevin De Bruyne gets his chance this Tuesday 26th of March 2013 on the number 10 spot. It seems he is even pushing Eden Hazard away to the left. Eden is an important player for the Belgian “Red Devils”, but we believe Kevin De Bruyne will stay nr. 10, and be our long sought playmaker for the coming years, and continue to make a significant impact on the success of the Belgian team.

If we compare the game play of Kevin with Enzo Scifo, the playmaker during 19 years in Belgium, we must say we prefer Kevin’s game play. Scifo played mostly horizontally, and in the end didn’t often make the real difference on the pitch. We bet Kevin will (as he is doing right now)

We also hope Defour will get his chance, since those 3 players have the highest amount of vista, passing skills, and speed.

We wish King Kevin lots of success in his new career move.

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