Can Chelsea win the title with The Fantastic 3: Eden Hazard – Oscar – Mata?

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The Chelsea fans know it: the triangle Hazard – Oscar – Mata seems to be running smoother every day, and is more and more determining the play style of Chelsea.

But is Chelsea strong enough to compete with Manchester United, and Manchester City this season?

Let’s analyze the current situation:

The trio Hazard – Oscar – Mata

In the competition Juan Mata currently is being in the form of his life,  Oscar has made some brilliant goals in the Champions League, and Hazard started as a rocket in the Premier League. It should be a great when all 3 players are in top shape. All 3 players have a very similar playstyle: Technically strong, fast, and a great vista.

Eden Hazard and Oscar are very young, and are only playing their first year for Chelsea.

But Eden Hazard and Oscar are very young, and playing their first year for Chelsea. Both are extremely talented, but need more time to become a key player, to carry the team through rough moments, like the already 24-year-old Juan Mata can. Mata has already played 4 years at Valencia, and 1 year at Chelsea.

The strikers: Torres vs. World Class strikers

We believe it can compete with Manchester City, but in order to compete with Manchester United, Chelsea is in need of a striker that makes goals out of nowhere.

Fernando Torres, is very dependent on the passes he gets, and is sometimes very invisible in the game. There is still a big difference between the performance of Torres, and currently better strikers like Falcao, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez or Cavani. All of them can decide a match with their individual skill, against any team, and at any time, even if the team has a really bad day. And by winning those games, that’s how you win a Championship.

Manchester United has several players that can turn a 2-1 into a 2-3 within minutes, or in extra time. We are talking about Van Persie, Rooney, Javier Hernández aka Chicharito, or even Nani, Young, and Shinji Kagawa.

To win the championship this year, Chelsea will need a Fantastic 4.

Moreover, Chelsea doesn’t have a replacement for Torres that can act on the same level. If Van Persie has a bad day, Man U just replaces him with Javier Hernández, or Rooney plays higher.

It is expected Chelsea will make a move on one of the top players listed above in January. Because Di Matteo knows he is in need of another World Class attacker, and going for a second place simply is not an option for Abramovich.

The coach

The strength of Sir Alex Ferguson as a coach can currently also not be compared to Di Matteo. The Chelsea coach is doing a great job in his 2nd year, but Ferguson has led Manchester United within the top-3 for more than 19 years in a row.

The statistic below says it all:

league positions Manchester United

League positions Manchester United of the last 19 years: never been out of top 3, and 12 Championships.

Sir Alex Ferguson is tactically exceptionally strong, and when the puzzle fits, Manchester United plays a Total Football, that is close to unstoppable, and even gets Barcelona and Real Madrid scared to play at Old Trafford.

Di Matteo’s strength is that he uses the available resources and skills at Chelsea very well. He has optimized the counter into a sharp weapon, and Chelsea knows when to close down a game once Chelsea got a goal ahead. The game versus Altlético Madrid however has shown, there is still work to do.


Chances are high Chelsea will not win the Championship, but finish in the top 3, enough for a direct Champions League ticket. However, seen the class of the trio Hazard Oscar Mata, Chelsea can eliminate any team on it’s way to the Champions League final, in an home and away game. To win the championship this year, Chelsea will need a Fantastic 4.

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